So, when we started Suck the Rainbow, we wanted it to be a one-stop shop type experience. A place where you, our readers, could find information, images, and products no matter where on the kink spectrum you fall. 

And while we still want to accomplish that goal, we have found that trying to do it all right this moment is keeping us from accomplishing anything at all. We have spent so much time researching products to add to the store in order to ensure quality products at rock bottom prices that we are finding that we have no time to cultivate what we truly want our shop to be – the artist of our community finally having an online place to put their art that doesn’t judge, nor have we been able to research and bring quality content to the website.

It is our fervent hope that we will one day expand the store into a super shop full of everything an alternative heart could desire – from fake nails and awesome wigs to anal plugs and handcuffs. But until then, we will be focusing on finding artists in our community and sharing their work with you in every format we can fit them on and creating or finding quality content. 

So, coming soon… the artist of your community, the content you want and need to see, and so much