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About Us

Who are we… an excellent question.

Essentially, we are me (a slave using the lifestyle name of Char) and a few lifestyle friends that wanted more than just hookups and sex shop ads from a lifestyle site (not that there’s anything wrong with hookups and sex shops, mind you!). We wanted a place to collect information and stories, to find unique products as well as standard vibrators, and to have discussions with each other like we can at events, but without the huge event cost.

We also wanted something more about our lives and lifestyles than just the sexual gratifications we seek. For most in the community, after the newbie orgasm fest, there is so much more to our kinks and proclivities than just the sexual aspects.

I, as an example, am a service slave. I live to serve proper teas, maintain order, understand place settings and fork use, and my happiest moments are covered in shoe polish and leather cream. None of these things are particularly sexual, and I’ve been known to get quite nasty if you interrupt me when I’m with a pair of boots (even for sex)… but they are some of the most important parts of my lifestyle.

So I, with the help and advice of my fellow kinksters, have started Suck the Rainbow.

Why the obviously sexual name and artwork? And why a rainbow of all things??

I’m so glad you asked!

First, we are not ashamed of our sexuality, we just don’t want to be utterly defined by it. It does get so boring when we are treated as little more than a collection of intense sexual desires looking for someone that matches up to them so we can hop into the nearest bed or dungeon with them. Yeah, there are some pretty kinky fuckers in our little group, and we LOVE IT!

Second, the rainbow has long been used to mean the promise of better things and inclusivity. Even the Bible uses the rainbow as a reminder of a promise to do no further harm. There is a strong connection between the rainbow and the alternative communities.

Third, the rainbow flag, known as the Gay Pride Flag, was the first flag flown in pride of one’s alternative nature. We honor that pride and the sacrifice of those that took the stand that allows us to be the rich and diverse community we are today, almost entirely free of the fear, abuse, and even murders that plagued the gay and transvestite communities at the beginning of the struggle for acknowledgement and equality.

And finally, I just love the play on words aspect. Take in the rainbow that are our expansive alternative lifestyle options, enjoy the community as a whole, eat well on the offerings of our bountiful buffet, and … well… if you happen to get a little spooge on your lips… all the better!

Welcome to Suck the Rainbow.

Love and Service,