Shop til you drop for all your alt goods, in your PJs!

Hello again, awesome alts!

Amazing things are happening behind the scenes here at STR. We just got our store online, and you can find it any time by clicking the Shop link in the header. We stocked the shelves with a few must-have items, but now the real work begins.

Love My Pup/Kitty Anysize Ring

Filling a shop for so diverse a community is a little bit daunting in and of itself. Add on top of that our fervent wish to remove gender or sex as an issue, and it took us a bit of time to finally realize a couple of things.

First, the little boutique with a little of this and a little of that we were planning was in no way going to serve our purposes or our community. There are just too many directions to go and too many choices, all of them magnificent for one group or another. To keep the small cute little shop we originally planned just wasn’t in the stars.

So, we now have a professional shop using top of the line software, and soon it will be overflowing with just about everything we can find from around the world that might tickle the fancy of a member of the alternative community.

Second, despite our fervent wishes, there is no way to take sex or gender out of the shopping experience at this time. We tried. Alas, clothes are made to different standards and sizes according to what someone somewhere decides is male or female.

We did our best to ease out as much gender and sex bias as we could. We have no “men’s” or “women’s” sections, instead, the items that require sizing are separated into “male” and “female” so that a customer will know that they are dealing with industry standard sizes, cuts, and patterns for those categories.

We hope that in the future there will be a way to just have tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. without the distinction, and allow our customers to decide for themselves what best fits their identity without the labels. Until then, we will do our best not to feed the beast any more than we have to.