Transsexual Pride

The Transsexual Pride flag at one time was the Transgender Pride flag. Originally designed by Johnathan "Captian John" Andrew in 1999 as part of his trans website Adventures in Boyland. It is not known when the flag became known as the Transsexual Pride flag, but it is believed that because the current Transgender Pride was designed around the same time and became popular first, this flag was simply renamed by the community to avoid confusion or to cover another unrepresented part of our community.

"Whether we're transgender or transsexual, going from male (blue) to female (pink) or from female (pink) to male (blue), or just somewhere in between, both flag designs capture the subtleties and the strengths of our spirits (and the white accents in between the lines are ...... the little triumphs that happen upon us during our journies to become whole (the flag as a whole)). The lavender-colored sex symbol ...... can also designate FtM/MtF/or Intersexed/Both/Shifting. As you can see, both flag designs/symbols can be used to encompass all types of gender variation." (slightly edited to remove some jokes that do not add to the meaning of the flag.)