Stage Lights Wall Plaque

Stage Lights Wall Plaque

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These wooden wall plaque comes with an ogee shaped edge in a wooden frame, and a white printable surface.

Available sizes:

*Plaque for Wall Display 127mm x 177.8mm. (Printable Area: 97 x 140mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 152.4mm x 203.2mm. (Printable Area: 122 x 173mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 177.8mm x 228.6mm. (Printable Area: 147 x 193mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 203.2mm x 254mm. (Printable Area: 172 x 223mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 228.6mm x 304.8mm. (Printable Area: 198 x 274mm)

* Please note that the colors shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product colors.